Blackout Bands Modern Sleep Mask- Ninja Style

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The Ninja 3.0 (Rubberized frame) is a sleek stylish look with minimum pinch on the face. It blocks out 98% light received by your eyes. We use a polycarbonate frame and uv protected lenses to ensure that your eyes are protected even while you are in the bright sun. 

The tint on Ninja is 98% which makes for optimal sleeping.

  • SLEEP IN STYLE - say goodnight and goodbye to cloth or cotton sleeping masks that get dirty, stained and smelly over time - and say hello to Blackout Bands, the original sunglass style sleep mask. While they look like sunglasses, Blackout Bands have blacked out lenses - meaning you can catch some z’s without any lighting interference. Blackout Bands are perfect for getting in restful sleep on the go, while looking good the entire time.

  • BLOCK LIGHT, SLEEP TIGHT - traditional sleep masks force you to use a band that wraps around your entire head when wearing the mask itself (not comfortable) - and then you have to pull the strap tight to keep the mask covering your eyes while you rest. Blackout Bands rest on your face like traditional sunglasses, so you never have to worry about adjusting for a proper fit, or an annoying strap tangling your hair and knocking out your earbuds. Most importantly, Blackout Bands block out the light

  • NOT JUST FOR TRAVEL AND NAPPING - Blackout Bands are practical for more than just catching a nap on plane - they work wonders while tanning as well! Nothing is worse than laying out in the sun and squinting through your regular sunglasses while you soak in the rays. With Blackout Bands you won’t be squinting anymore! Blackout Bands also are perfect for those with light sensitivity issues as well!

  • HOLLYWOOD APPROVED - Kellan Lutz, actor and fashion icon, created Blackout Bands to do away with the scratchy sleep masks they hand out on planes. “I wanted to come up with a solution to the uncomfortable standard of sleep masks. With Blackout Bands, the wearer can get the same function in a fashionable way. I use them every time I'm on the road whenever I travel. It's one of the best tools for the most relaxed deep sleep on the go”.